A BAD PONY makes a good rider. A good rider will
learn how to handle the ups and downs of riding and will
come out on top in the end. A bad pony or horse
teaches patience and persistence. Sometimes they want
to be bad, but always need to be loved. So, love your
Bad Pony, dream about blue ribbons,
and become a good rider.


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Bad Pony Pendant Necklace

The newest fashion accessory from Bad Pony to wear anytime! Be inspired and connect with the fundamentals of learning how to ride.

Ponies and horses are tough teachers, but what better ways to learn and become a team than achieving goals together? Our new Bad Pony Pendant Necklace will focus your mind & empower your ride. Made from Pewter.

PATIENCE PERSISTENCE & KNOWLEDGE are the essential fundamentals in a rider's training.

Our Bad Pony team has designed this stylish, 2-Sided Pendant not only to inspire in the ring, but as a stand out fashion accessory. A good rider stays focused on the fundamentals while also looking stylish. Empower your ride Today! Pewter metal Pendant sold with 16" Sterling Silver Chain.


Read a great article about the psychology behind our Bad Pony Pendant from Sports Psycologist, Dr. Nancy Bloom and how it will empower your ride by clicking here.